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Alternative Growing Solutions is a family-owned business distributing a range of biological soil stimulants used in a system that promotes healthy, fertile soil and premium quality crops.

Most of Australia has only a narrow band of topsoil. Preservation of this soil is vital for our environment and for food production. Alternative Growing Solutions seeks to preserve and enhance the health of our soil by means other than chemical fertilisation.

We believe there is an urgent need to reduce our habitual use and reliance on chemical conditioners and fungicides in agricultural and horticultural production.

Our aim is to give farmers, gardeners and turf managers of all kinds a realistic, environmentally friendly and long term profitable approach to managing their enterprises.

Our products are used in many applications and enterprises, including:

  • sports grounds
  • golf courses
  • agriculture
  • viticulture
  • the landscape industry
  • commercial composting
  • cut flowers
  • home gardens.

Alternative Growing Solution's maufacturing arm devotes many hours and much resource to develop our product range. We are committed to the highest production standards and regularly test and monitor our products to ensure they achieve the best outcome for our customers. We are also focussed on developing new possibilities and responding to customers' needs as they arise.

Fertile SoilSoilcharge is realistic and envirnomentally sustainable

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