Alternative Growing Solution Products

alternative growing productsAlternative Growing Solutions products are built around our proprietary organic soil stimulant called Soilcharge Living Earth.

Soilcharge is a natural biological stimulant and has the Australian Organic (AO) tick of approval. Soilcharge Living Earth contains nutrients and minerals that stimulate an active living system in your soil, and allow naturally occurring micro-organisms to flourish.

These micro-organisms compost organic matter in your soil. As the micro-organisms multipy and flourish, they build up more and more organic matter. This results in overall improvements in soil health, increased plant yields and greater sustainability.

Product Range (granular and liquid)

vege soil stripLiving Earth – a granular formulation based on igneous rock that contains a variety of beneficial elements including:

organic carbon
essential minerals
paramagnetic energy
natural nitrogen
fulvic and humic acid

Bio-Liquids – a granular formulation based on igneous rock that contains a variety of beneficial elements including:

Soilcharge vs NPK Fertilisers

soil grass sectionFertilisers are usually associated with Superphosphate or NPK type products that are produced from artificial chemicals, additives and/or animal waste. They traditionally work for a relatively short period of time (about 2/3 months) and then are inert in the soil after plants have absorbed their artificially supplied contents. They are also toxic to micro-organisms living in the soil.

Soilcharge ® is a wholly natural, organic, living medium supporting micro-organisms, without any animal waste or artificial chemicals.

The Soilcharge system will support the natural activity of micro-organisms to continually compost matter into nutritious, readily accessible food for plants.

Soilcharge ® will enhance the natural micro-organism living system in the soil. This will supply the plant with the required amount of natural nutrients to enhance strong healthy plant growth, as well as creating a long-term, sustainable and natural garden.